Jason Rohrer, the mind behind the glorious Passage, has announced his next game. Sleep Is Death (Geisterfahrer) appears to be some sort of storytelling environment for 2 players to create any crazy tale they can come up with.

There's a slideshow which explains it much better than I ever could (apparently made entirely from actual screenshots of the game in motion), but in a nutshell, player one moves his or her character around, interacting with the scenes and talking to other people, while player two has a whole editing panel with which they can make pretty much anything happen - or so is the claim. Either way, it's undeniable that Sleep Is Death sounds like an amazing concept.

The game will be made available on April 16th for $14, however anyone who pre-orders before then will save themselves $5, and receive the game a week early (April 9th). Note that since this is a 2-player only game, buying the game once will give 2 copies, so really you're looking at $4.50 each if you can find a friend to play with. A tutorial video explaining it all in more depth is apparently coming soon, so if you're not sure whether to take the plunge, it might be best to wait for that.