[Only a couple of weeks until GDC 2010 and the 2010 Independent Games Festival now, so we compiled some of the neat coverage of the finalists over at the official site, and have crossposted here.]

As the 12th Annual Independent Games Festival at Game Developers Conference 2010 rapidly approaches, we're delighted to note that a lot of prominent video game outlets are covering this year's finalists.

In fact, the coverage is coming thick and fast, even before journalists get to chat to creators in-person at the IGF Pavilion, attend the Independent Games Summit, and see who wins at the IGF Awards on March 11th.

In particular, we wanted to highlight the following articles and series from third-party sites, and thank them for their coverage of IGF-honored indie games:

- UK-based PC game site Rock Paper Shotgun is also interviewing and speaking to a plethora of IGF finalists, with a dedicated landing page for each of the games discussed so far, including Shank, A Slow Year, and many more.

- Kotaku, the world's biggest video game weblog, is doing a daily 'Road To The IGF' feature, profiling each of the Main and Student Competition finalists, with ten articles looking at games from Owlboy through Monaco already posted.

- Several sites have individually profiled the IGF 2010 finalists, with Joystiq sister site BigDownload.com looking at each category in turn, and seminal blog Boing Boing creating video-filled guides to Main Competition finalists and Student Showcase winners.

- Long-time dev-centric destination GameDev.net is continuing its multi-year profile of Independent Games Festival finalists by talking to 2010's crop, with the creators of Vessel and AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! discussed so far.

- Last but not least, IGF sister website Gamasutra is supplmenting its multi-year set of 'Road To The IGF' interviews, with this year's in-depth Q&As already spanning Miegakure, Star Guard and beyond.

In addition, many other sites are covering IGF games in-depth, with DIYGamer talking to IGF Student Showcase winners and sifting through many other entries, for example. Once again, thanks to you all for covering independent games and the IGF.