If you've been looking for something to spend those spare 80 MS Points on, look no longer. Your Doodles Are Bugged! is an absolute steal for $1, and deserves a place in your game library. I mean, it's Lemmings with a pen, for crying out loud, what more do you need!

Each level sports lots of little jumping bugs, random drawings all over the place and a finishing point. Your job is to draw bridges connecting a route from the bugs to the finish, so they can bounce their way to victory. Your pen doesn't have unlimited ink, however, so you need to find the shortest route possible - you might need to erase some of your past work to make room for further passage.

It's a little buggy (yeah, I went there) in places and the critters will try to venture everywhere but where you want them to actually go... but honestly, you'd be foolish like a huge fool not to check this out. Well worth the price, download it from the Xbox Marketplace.