Over the course of the past couple of weeks we had written about a number of game submissions that weren't selected for the Gamma IV showcase at GDC. Barrie Ellis of One Switch Gaming has a comprehensive list of playable Gamma IV submissions posted in the Switch Gaming forums, and we'd suggest taking a look at that as well.

Here's a list of our five favorite Gamma IV submissions from those that were already released:

Fish Face (Beau Blyth) [Windows, freeware]

Fish Face (video shown above, courtesy of ortoslon) is a one-button arcade game with three levels to play, each taking roughly five to ten minutes to complete. Here you play as a fish that uses its buoyancy to move in and out of the water, avoiding walls or enemies that will hurt our aquatic friend on impact.

Red loops can be collected for points, while the blue ones act as checkpoint locations that you can return to when your fish crashes into a solid object.

Pax Britannica (No Fun Games) [Windows, freeware]

Pax Britannica is a hotseat multiplayer RTS game created for the Gamma IV competition, in which up to four players can command their own factory ships and send out fighters, bombers and frigates to attack their opponents' armadas. Every ship is colour-coded, and the type of craft manufactured is dependent on how long you hold down the assigned button before letting it go.

BiBimBap Arcade (Imwill Games) [Windows, freeware]

BiBimBap Arcade is a collection of three arcade classics that you can play at any time, simply by moving to the side of the screen to appear on another cabinet of your choice. The concept is interesting enough to warrant a mention, although it could have been better if the overall difficulty of the Pong game and the speed of the tilt effect in this Gamma IV submission were lowered by a notch or two.

Girlfriend vs Boyfriend (Shaun Pauley) [Windows, freeware]

In Girlfriend vs Boyfriend you play as the guilty partner who had just been caught ogling at another woman, and as a result of this your other half will try to chase you down and punish you for committing the act of unfaithfulness in her presence. Objects on the roadside will be thrown at you to hamper your escape, but you can knock these things away at the cost of stopping for a short moment for your girlfriend to catch up with you.

The game pretty much ends at around the five-minute mark, which is in accordance with the guidelines set by the Gamma IV competition this one-button project was submitted for. Download it here.

The American Dream: Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era? (Nick Rudzicz) [Windows/Linux, freeware]

The American Dream: Are We Not Drawn Onward to New Era? is a collection of mini-games held together by a common theme called Life, a subject that all of us are very familiar with. Players are presented with a circular menu at the start of the game, in which they can either select the first option to play the entire adventure in a randomized sequence or practice any of the smaller arcade sequences at their own choosing.

There are plenty of ways to score or lose points in Life mode, but only one mini-game allows you to spend it on a particular action. Time also passes rather quickly in the game, and once your five minutes is over a final inavoidable sequence will be shown regardless of how well you did up to that point.