Organizers of this year's Game Developers Conference and Independent Games Festival have been documenting the March 9th-13th San Francisco event in visual form.

Following pictures from the Indie Games Summit and from the IGF Awards Ceremony, here's a selection of pictures from the IGF Pavilion on the GDC 2010 show floor, which was open from Thursday, March 11th through Saturday, March 13th to all event attendees.

Also in this set of pictures are several from 'The Nuovo Sessions', a special GDC Main Conference event featuring mini-talks from finalists and honorable mentions for the IGF Nuovo Award for this year, alongside like-minded individuals. The indie-centric Gamma IV showcase and GDC show floor Pavilion are also showcased in pictorial form.

IGF Pavilion: Main Competition finalists

Ian Bogost's A Slow Year

IGF Student Showcase winners

Enviro-Bear 2000

IGF Mobile finalists on the Expo Floor

The Nuovo Sessions: Farbs

The Nuovo Sessions: Jonatan "cactus" Söderström and Matthew Wegner

Gamma IV Party

Gamma IV Party: ?, Raigan Burns, Chris Dahlen, Brandon Sheffield

Gamma IV Party

GDC Expo Floor: Gamma IV Pavilion

[Other pictures of the IGF finalists, the Nuovo sessions and the Gamma IV showcase, as taken by official GDC photographer Vincent Diamante, are available on The Official GDC Flickr stream.]