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About The IGF is presented by the UBM TechWeb Game Network, which runs the Independent Games Festival & Summit every year at Game Developers Conference. The company (producer of the Game Developers Conference series, and Game Developer magazine) established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers.

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Archive For March, 2010

Preview: High Strangeness (Crystal Labs)

March 27, 2010 11:15 PM | Michael Rose

With the above pre-alpha footage just released, now is as good a time as any to discuss High Strangeness. In development for Xbox Live Indie Games and iPhone, the game is an attempt by a team of four to create the kind of experience they used to play on the SNES as kids.

The story goes a little something like: Boy finds ghouls in his house, delves deeper, finds hidden world, gets serious, yo-yos them all in the face, gets involved in cosmic peace battle. Apparently there's also a talking cat.

A vague release time of '2010' is set, but for now you can follow the progress on the Crystal Labs blog if your curiosity is piqued.

The Whispered World Coming April 23rd

March 27, 2010 10:10 PM | Michael Rose

Originally an abandoned project waaay back in 2006, news of The Whispered World's revitalization popped up last Summer. Now finally, along with the above trailer, a release date of April 23rd has been set. Sadwick needs YOU!

The Whispered World

Indie Game Links: A Mad Tea Party

March 27, 2010 9:22 PM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes an opinion piece by Craig 'Superbrothers' Adams, another article about Gamma IV, and more customer service hilarity from the Wolfire Games support team.

David Shute: Look at my new thing
"I had a couple of ideas for new games - specifically, that I had an idea that was visually quite close to Small Worlds, and another idea that had a brand new, exciting, and radically different aesthetic (pictured)."

The Escapist: PAX East 2010 Hands On - Boston Indie Showcase
"After getting our hands on the winners of PAX East's Boston Indie Showcase, we realize why the six games are being honored."

AGS Forums: Ben Jordan Case 2 Deluxe
"I've decided to go back and remake the horrible mess that was Ben Jordan Case 2. The Deluxe version features full voice-acting, an extended storyline, improved puzzles, and redrawn graphics."

Bitmob: Attention Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo - This Is How You Make a Party Game
"The big three hardware companies have poured millions of into perfecting complicated motion-capture devices in the hope of luring casual gamers, but the best party game I've seen at GDC does things the old fashioned way: with a button. One button, to be precise."

Boing Boing: Less Talk More Rock
"Less Talk, More Rock is Superbrothers' manifesto in its full unedited form, gorgeously illustrated in his inimitable 'rustic pixel' style, and including a list of more games that speak that language of Rock for your further exploration."

Wolfire Games Blog: Enough about you, let's talk about Meebo
"I was temporarily separated from my Wolfire live chat duties this past week while I was at GDC. However, the visitors continue to stream in. Since productivity is another way of saying boring, here's another onslaught of Meebo madness."

Freeware Game Pick: Teleportower (Kaho)

March 26, 2010 2:00 AM | Tim W.

Teleportower is a puzzle platformer with fifty levels to play, split evenly between the five towers that you have to visit in order to beat the game. The objective here is to collect a blue gem located in the final room of each tower, but to do that you would first have to overcome a series of increasingly difficult challenges designed to thwart the efforts of any brave adventurer who attempts to loot the treasures within.

Our hero can jump, cling to the edge of a platform, or use his teleportation ability to switch between the two rooms in every stage. A trap could appear in one room and not the other, so you would need to alternate between both of them regularly in order to beat a level.

The size of the application window is increased by changing the display setting inside the configuration menu, accessible via the second option shown at the main screen. Download Teleportower here. (Windows, 1.85MB)

Round-Up: Gamasutra Network Jobs, Week Of March 26

March 25, 2010 6:46 PM | Simon Carless

In our latest employment-specific round-up, we highlight some of the notable jobs posted in big sister site Gamasutra's industry-leading game jobs section this week, including opportunities at Monolith, Square Enix, Sledgehammer, 343 Industries, and more.

Each position posted by employers will appear on the main Gamasutra job board, and appear in the site's daily and weekly newsletters, reaching our readers directly.

It will also be cross-posted for free across its network of submarket sites, which includes content sites focused on online worlds, cellphone games, 'serious games', independent games and more.

Some of the notable jobs posted this week include:

Monolith Productions, Staff Software Engineer, Engine
"As a Senior Engine generalist you will work closely with the Game Team leads and the rest of your peers on the Core Technology Team to develop state-of-the-art runtime technology for the PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. Your domain will span the entire engine and your responsibilities will include both optimizations of current-gen systems and design and implementation of pivotal new technology for the next generation of consoles."

Square Enix LA, Senior 3D Artist
"The ideal candidate has a proven trackrecord being a leader in an art team for a current generation game. The position will be spending considerable time working with outsourcing companies and freelance artists. We are looking for a very good artist with an excellent eye who is self organized and has an interest in art production and management."

Preview: La-Mulana (Nigoro)

March 25, 2010 10:00 AM | Tim W.

I hesitate to call this a trailer as the video is blurry and placeholder graphics are still being used, but the clip does showcase a couple of things that we've never seen in motion before. Previewed here are new sprite designs for familiar enemies, shops, the ROM selection menu, the inventory screen, and a healthy number of boss fights as well. No release date for this WiiWare title yet. (source)

Browser Game Pick: Enough Marios (Glen Forrester)

March 25, 2010 5:00 AM | Tim W.

Enough Marios is a 2D platformer with a clever (but not entirely unique) gimmick, made by Glen Forrester (creator of the Global Game Jam shouting game Gnilley) in under two hours for a Klik-of-the-Month game development event. The objective of the game is to assist our plumber friend with capturing the enemy's flag in each of the four levels he visits, and though there are plenty of coins to collect there is no obligation to claim any unless you wish for it.

A copy of the protagonist magically appears whenever he steps on a Goomba or acquire a coin, and regardless of their positions in the level they will all carry out the same type of action whenever a button is pressed. The game doesn't offer a continue option yet, so it might be wise to watch your step when you're down to just one clone left on the screen.

An extended version of the original two-hour game called Enough Plumbers (video shown above) is currently in the works.

Browser Game Pick: Specter Spelunker Shrinks (Ken Grafals)

March 24, 2010 5:00 AM | Tim W.

Specter Spelunker Shrinks is a Unity-based platformer in which you overcome obstacles and challenges by growing or shrinking the size of the main character. There are regular checkpoints scattered around the level to save your progress from time to time, although players won't be utilizing them too much as the entire adventure can be completed in half an hour or less. Play the game here.

Freeware Game Pick: Unblade (uepom)

March 23, 2010 8:00 PM | Tim W.

Unblade (Record of War) is a 2D platformer in which you play as a frog carrying an indestructible umbrella, on a quest to find a kidnapped princess and rescue her from the clutches of an evil minion. Along the way you can collect power-up items that could be used to destroy floors or walls, replenish health, bombs that help you jump higher, and even the occasional invincibility spell or two to help you through a tricky section in a level.

There are seven stages to play through in total. You may have to rename the executable files to get the game working on PCs that do not have native Japanese text support installed. Download it here. (Windows, 17.9MB)

Indie Game Links: Witness Those Dreamy Eyes

March 22, 2010 12:52 PM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes a handful of interviews with IGF Main Competition and student finalists, new updates for The Witness and Super Meat Boy, plus a comprehensive preview of Jason Rohrer's next game (due out this April 9th).

Boing Boing: Caught Sleeping
"With only two laptops and a single ethernet cable between me and Jason Rohrer, we're knee deep in his latest and most ambitious game, Sleep is Death."

Pixelsocks: GDC 2010 Hub
Interviews with every single 2010 IGF Main Competition and Student nominees. Updated daily!

The Witness: Twitter and Facebook pages are now live
"You can now be notified of new blog postings about Jonathan Blow's new game via RSS, Twitter or Facebook. See the icons in the upper-right corner."

Super Meat Boy: We Have a New Website
"To celebrate the launch of our new and official SMB website, I'm going to do a little update on the recent Meat Boy news. We put up fifteen new screen shots of the most current build last night, and another secret character will be announced soon."

Kickstarter: You Meet The Nicest People Making Videogames
"I want to travel across the country to shoot a documentary on the people who make highly expressive videogames. I need to raise $22,000, and every dollar counts."

2BeeGames: Submit a Game for Your Chance to Win $100,000
"Our Indie Game Contest is back in full swing, and starting May 1, someone could walk away with a multi-platform publishing deal and $100,000."

Tale of Tales: The Path Anniversary
"The Path is one year old. To start the anniversary festivities, we are discounting all our titles by 50%. Tale of Tales' latest creation, Vanitas for iPhone, is available free of charge until Sunday March 28."

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