Today's collection of independent game links includes an opinion piece by Craig 'Superbrothers' Adams, another article about Gamma IV, and more customer service hilarity from the Wolfire Games support team.

David Shute: Look at my new thing
"I had a couple of ideas for new games - specifically, that I had an idea that was visually quite close to Small Worlds, and another idea that had a brand new, exciting, and radically different aesthetic (pictured)."

The Escapist: PAX East 2010 Hands On - Boston Indie Showcase
"After getting our hands on the winners of PAX East's Boston Indie Showcase, we realize why the six games are being honored."

AGS Forums: Ben Jordan Case 2 Deluxe
"I've decided to go back and remake the horrible mess that was Ben Jordan Case 2. The Deluxe version features full voice-acting, an extended storyline, improved puzzles, and redrawn graphics."

Bitmob: Attention Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo - This Is How You Make a Party Game
"The big three hardware companies have poured millions of into perfecting complicated motion-capture devices in the hope of luring casual gamers, but the best party game I've seen at GDC does things the old fashioned way: with a button. One button, to be precise."

Boing Boing: Less Talk More Rock
"Less Talk, More Rock is Superbrothers' manifesto in its full unedited form, gorgeously illustrated in his inimitable 'rustic pixel' style, and including a list of more games that speak that language of Rock for your further exploration."

Wolfire Games Blog: Enough about you, let's talk about Meebo
"I was temporarily separated from my Wolfire live chat duties this past week while I was at GDC. However, the visitors continue to stream in. Since productivity is another way of saying boring, here's another onslaught of Meebo madness."