Enviro-Bear 2000Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie-specific GDC write-ups, incredible indie game cliches, a look at the Experiment Gameplay Project, some iPhone rantin', and more. (image source)

1UP: How To Get Your Student Game Signed
"At a discussion panel during the last day of GDC 2010, developers who worked on Flower, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, and Portal discussed how they got their college student games noticed."

Los Angeles Times: Experimental Gameplay Project unleashes video design creativity
"Among those who live and die on a pure and irrepressible love of video game design, there's a desire to perform the craft in a space free of any of the constraints inherent in business. That's where the Experimental Gameplay Project comes in."

Gamasutra: Indie Innovators Talk Ideas, Philosophies
"During the Nuovo sessions microlectures at GDC Friday, indie game developers who are known for pushing the boundaries of innovation shared ideas and development philosophies."

Bitmob: The Indie Scene, A to Z -- Lovin' It
"Over the next year, every two weeks, I'll be taking an indie game from A to Z and exploring it, talking about my impressions before opening up a discussion with all of you."

DIYgamer: Top 5 Incredible Indie Game Cliches
"In doing our daily ritual of writing, discussing, and playing indie games we've come to notice a few hard line indie game cliches. Things that never cease to end and at least, at the very least, occur once a week."

Gamer Limit: The Road to IGF 2010
"This year's IGF is the largest to date and with good reason: the entries for this year are simply amazing in design, concept, and execution."

Indie Game Makers Rant: The stunning tale of the little game that could (video)
"Tommy Refenes from Super Meat Boy talks about the iPhone App Store at GDC 2010's Indie Game Makers Rant panel."