Cave StoryToday's collection of independent game links: a comic that's not drawn by Edmund McMillen, the release of a couple of games not made by Andy Schatz or Tommy Refenes, and some free soundtracks which were definitely not composed by Danny Baranowsky. (image source)

Lively Ivy: Fantasy vs. Reality
"If you've ever wondered what it's like to be an indie game developer, boy do I have some slides for you."

Kloonigames: Count On Me
"In January we decided to check out what openFrameworks was all about. It's actually pretty good. So I decided to go along and do an iPhone game about matching stuff with it."

The Bottom Feeder: Avernum 6 For Windows Released
"We have finally released Avernum 6, the final game in the Avernum saga, for Windows. If you like huge, indie role-playing games with a retro flair, you could do worse than to check it out."

GameSetWatch: CarneyVale: Showtime Swings To Games for Windows Live
"CarneyVale: Showtime, the game that beat out 350 entries to win $40,000 at Microsoft's XNA Dream-Build-Play competition in 2008, will arrive on PCs later this year thanks to an exclusive distribution contract with Games for Windows Live."

Indie Strategy Games: The Indie Strategy Bundle
Gratuitous Space Battles, Solium Infernum and AI War at only $49.99, but for this weekend only.

Deadheat Interactive: Sword of Legends Demo
"Most of the game engine is complete, but the demo only really shows off a very small portion of it. Maybe one day progress will continue, but at the moment it's currently on hold."

Osmos: Exclusive Free Soundtrack
"Many fans have requested for the music to Osmos, so here it is. It's an extended, free soundtrack, running 50 minutes in total."

The Marionette: Soundtrack Exclusive
"For a short period of one week, I'm making the soundtrack available especially for everyone. The soundtrack includes full versions of many of the tunes found in the game."