Matt HammillToday's collection of independent game links include a couple more IGF 2010 features and interviews, a big list of Gamma IV submissions, and G4's coverage of the recent Indie Game Challenge awards presentation ceremony. (image source)

gamebase: Gamma IV Games
"The Gamma IV competition has seen the creation of 154 new one-switch games. Here's a list that is as complete as I can make it today." IGF 2010
"In recent years independent gaming has exploded with each annual Independent Games Festival reporting more and more submissions. While there has been the usual mixed views on the finalists and omissions, there is no denying that the standard of work is improving year upon year." Indie Week - Talking To The Top Contenders
"We take some time to chat with IGF 2010 finalists, discussing the pros and cons of being an indie developer and touching on their opinion of 'mainstream' games."

NeoGAF: The Best and Worst of Xbox Indie Box-Art
"Most Xbox Indie games are so unbelievably off putting, based entirely on their box art. You have to think, if these people can barely utilise Microsoft Paint, how can they be proficient in coding and game design? People say don't judge a book by its cover, but with over 700 indie games on the store it's hard to not avoid games entirely because the font is Comic Sans. With a drop shadow."

Clickteam: SWF File Exporter for Adobe Flash Player
"A MMF2 and TGF2 SWF File Exporter that allows you to create applications compatible with Adobe Flash Player is now available." Indie Game Challenge Awards (video)
Part one of the three-part DICE 2010's Indie Game Challenge awards presentation ceremony, hosted by G4's Adam Sessler. All three parts are available to watch at