Today's collection of independent game links includes a handful of interviews with IGF Main Competition and student finalists, new updates for The Witness and Super Meat Boy, plus a comprehensive preview of Jason Rohrer's next game (due out this April 9th).

Boing Boing: Caught Sleeping
"With only two laptops and a single ethernet cable between me and Jason Rohrer, we're knee deep in his latest and most ambitious game, Sleep is Death."

Pixelsocks: GDC 2010 Hub
Interviews with every single 2010 IGF Main Competition and Student nominees. Updated daily!

The Witness: Twitter and Facebook pages are now live
"You can now be notified of new blog postings about Jonathan Blow's new game via RSS, Twitter or Facebook. See the icons in the upper-right corner."

Super Meat Boy: We Have a New Website
"To celebrate the launch of our new and official SMB website, I'm going to do a little update on the recent Meat Boy news. We put up fifteen new screen shots of the most current build last night, and another secret character will be announced soon."

Kickstarter: You Meet The Nicest People Making Videogames
"I want to travel across the country to shoot a documentary on the people who make highly expressive videogames. I need to raise $22,000, and every dollar counts."

2BeeGames: Submit a Game for Your Chance to Win $100,000
"Our Indie Game Contest is back in full swing, and starting May 1, someone could walk away with a multi-platform publishing deal and $100,000."

Tale of Tales: The Path Anniversary
"The Path is one year old. To start the anniversary festivities, we are discounting all our titles by 50%. Tale of Tales' latest creation, Vanitas for iPhone, is available free of charge until Sunday March 28."