Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: Andy Schatz lays out the platform plans for Monaco, a chat log with Captain Farbs, and a near-complete set of interviews with all of this year's IGF finalists.

Kotaku: Monaco Award-Winner Celebrates
"In this video interview with Stephen Totilo, Andy Schatz confirms that Monaco will be arriving on the PC and at least one console system when it's done."

Dejobaan Games: Possible Untruths about Farbs
"Farbs is one of the most celebrated game developers of the '10s, in no small part because of Captain Forever and Captain Successor. Dejobaan interrogates him in the oddest interview you'll read all week."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: The (Mostly) Complete IGF Factor 2010
"We've interviewed all those who have been nominated for the short list. When you want to know about who these winners are... this is where to look."

A Hardy Developer's Journal: The Interview with Dave Gilbert
"Dave's Blackwell series of adventure games can be considered classics of the genre, already claiming a strong group of followers and subsequently making his company, Wadjet Eye Games, an overnight success. It was a pleasure to be able to speak to the man behind these games."

GameDev.net: Interview with Loren Schmidt
"I'm ready to try and make a living by making games. My second project is a tiny game called 'Tin Can Knight,' which should be out soon."

GameDev.net: Interview with Daniel Benmergui
"What's next for me? In the immediate future, Today I Die Again, the iPhone version of Today I Die. I am very curious to see what the reaction to this version is."

DIYgamer: The Future of Gaming - Spectre
"Spectre is a game where each time you play, you'll end up with a different experience. The game was created by a group of students from USC Interactive Media calling themselves Vaguely Spectacular."

DIYgamer: The Future of Gaming - Puzzle Bloom
"The game Puzzle Bloom hit PAX last September as one of their notable choices, and it's gone on to hit the student showcase at this year's IGF."

TheGamersHub: Pieces Interactive Interview
"We sat down with Calle Kyhlberg and Mårten Brüggemann, co-founders of Pieces Interactive (Fret Nice), to talk about their past, present and what the future might hold for these amazing developers."