I'm going to post this on the front page because a few people might not have noticed this trailer when the Gamma IV write-up went live just a couple of days ago. According to Mike:

"4Fourths is a 4-player team game, and is probably my favourite Gamma IV winner. Created by Mikengreg, two spaceships adorn the left and right edge of the screen, with a player controlling each (tapping the button boosts the ship up the screen, while releasing it lets the ship fall slowly down). The other two players control the guns, which are both facing into the centre of the level.

Huge boss ships are then sent one by one down the centre of the screen, and the 4 players work together to take each out. Being on opposite sides of the action, it is possible to shoot your team-mates and kill them, so careful blasting is necessary. Of course, you'll probably want to shoot your team-mates anyway since, let's face it, killing each other is fun. Mikengreg are looking for someone to help them take the idea to the next stage, so if you're a publisher-type person reading this - make this happen please."