On the final day of the Game Developers Conference, music composer Vincent Diamante and SCEA sound designer Steve Johnson presented an audio session on the sound and music of Thatgamecompany's Flower. We've uploaded our recording of the full presentation to Vimeo, which can be seen in eight parts.

Early on, the speakers transition from a conventional slide presentation to powering up a Playstation 3 console and demonstrating each level's interrelatedness of visuals, gameplay and audio in real time.

To capture the sound of wind passing through grass, Johson detailed numerous methods, from referencing sound libraries to inviting TGC co-founder Kellee Santiago to brush a microphone through potted wheatgrass.

Diamante conceived of the music score as a microcosm of artistic eras: moving from Classical to Romantic, then modern music to modern videogame music. Beethoven and Hitoshi Sakimoto were mentioned as informing the design of the interactive audio.

The composer (pictured left) while not photographing the Game Developers Conference for Gamasutra, spent some quality time with PixelJunk Eden's art and music designer Baiyon. As hinted here, greenery has played an important role in both game composers' Playstation Network download titles.

Sony recently announced a Flower soundtrack album was on the way, newly mixed and remastered. Though a release date has not yet been determined, the album will already have going for it the distinctions of a G4TV Best Soundtrack Award and Game Audio Network Guild Best Interactive Score Award.

[Each part of the video "Sound and Music as Narrative in Flower" can be found at the designated Vimeo folder. Images courtesy of ThatGameCompany. Photo and video by Jeriaska. To view Diamante's photographs from GDC, visit the Official GDC flickr photostream.]