You've got to hand it to Farbs - everything he creates is stupidly awesome, and PlayPen is no exception. It's a world created entirely by the players and is constantly expanding as users build it up with their weird and wonderful ideas.

There's various routes to take and paths to go down, and each leads to more pixelated scenery and ways to venture. Eventually you'll reach a road which has not yet been created, at which point you'll be given the option to draw it yourself and set the next passages. Then other players will be able to continue their story using your scene.

You can also edit scenes already drawn, editing paths and creating your own, so the story will change constantly. Don't worry about people being dicks and messing it all up though - the adventure is built around MediaWiki technology, so every past scene is automatically recorded and can be rolled back to.

At the moment it's a little sparse, so get in there and draw your destiny!