Linepatterns is a puzzle game created by Erik Leppen for submission to the Experimental Gameplay Project game development event, where the theme selected for this month is 'Repeat'. The objective here is to fill up as much of the screen with multi-coloured lines as possible, since new puzzles are only unlocked if the average screen filled percentage is more than sixty percent for all previous levels.

Some rules apply here to make things a bit harder for the player. You can't press the same directional key twice in sequence, none of the lines can cross each other, and the length of a line drawn is determined by the move size cycle indicator shown at the top of the screen. Players can replay a puzzle as many times as they like to improve their average, and there's even an unlimited undo option for you to experiment with.

The game was made in under two days, and features twenty-six stages to play in total. (Windows, 2.20MB)