Zombie Movie puts a great twist on the rather tired zombie-killing genre. A helicopter flies overhead, filming your every move, while you plough your way through hordes of the undead. Move too far away from the helicopter, however, and you'll find a fate worse than having your brains eaten. That's right - you'll get FIRED.

Standing directly underneath the chopper while taking the advancing enemy out earns you the most points, but it's not always the best place to stand as the swarm grows to ridiculous sizes. After a set number of kills you'll receive a more powerful weapon, but new more powerful zombies appear too. If you can survive for the whole time, you truly are a zombie-destroying god.

A lovely feature rears its head once you've been devoured - stats, stats, stats, ranging from which zombies you killed to how many kills you got from directly under the helicopter. There are also film reviews from critics. Clever stuff over at Gamejolt.