Today's collection of independent game links includes interviews with developers in attendance at PAX's Boston Indie Showcase event, an announcement for the fifth TOJam game development meet, plus Flash ports and game re-releases that should please fans of shoot-'em-ups. (image source)

Gamasutra: Creating Blueberry Garden
"Erik Svedäng (creator of the 2009 IGF Grand Prize winner Blueberry Garden) shares the thought processes and inspirations that shaped his exploration-based PC indie game."

SavyGamer: Boston Indie Showcase, Where Everybody Knows Your Game
"The Boston Indie Showcase presents a selection of what the thriving indie community in the Boston area have to offer." Lewie P. does a great job of interviewing the developers of each selected game, though the highlight is definitely his chat with Aaaaa! developer Ichiro Lambe.

The Toronto Game Jam: Registrations Just Went Live
"The Toronto Independent Game Development Jam (TOJam) is a free, annual game-making event open to the public. For the last four years, we've gathered together the craziest game makers in the world for a 3-day, around-the-clock game making binge. We're looking for coders, artists, musicians, designers - anyone that has game making ability." Starts April 23rd!

GameSetWatch: Ogmo Editor, a 2D Level Editor For Indies
"Matt Thorson (Jumper) announced the release of Ogmo Editor, a general purpose 2D visual level editor geared for hobbyist and independent game developers. Created as an Adobe AIR application that runs on Windows, OS X, and Unix, Ogmo Editor uses an XML file to define all the tilesets, objects, layers and settings for a project."

Lazy 8 Studios: Q & A with an Award-winning Indie Game Developer
"In February, Cogs won three awards at the Indie Game Challenge, including the $100,000 grand prize. Rob Jagnow from Lazy 8 Studios (and developer of Cogs) is here to give advice to help other indie developers succeed."

Mirosurabu Games: Spotlight on Coptra
"Coptra is an arena shooter by Jan Willem Nijman the author of Extreme Gardening and Atomic Super Boss. Recently ported by Kristian Macanga and Miroslav Malešević, it’s the next game in the series of sponsored Poppenkast games." Hardly as good as the full screen version though.

Resolution Magazine: The Silence of Saira
"Why didn’t Saira receive more attention? Nifflas is an indie uber-god. Puzzles are a favourite indie element. Platforming is an even-more-favoured indie trope. The stars seem like they should have been aligned for a major success. Why, then, were so many news outlets silent about it, and why hasn’t there been much news about its recent rerelease on Steam?"

hermitgames blog: HGX002 - 'troid - free
"I've made my second game, 'troid, free."