Today's collection of independent game links includes the release of a new iPhone/iPod Touch game from 2009 IGF Grand Prize winner Erik Svedäng, another entertaining interview with Team Meat, and an art tutorial for Jason Rohrer's new release Sleep is Death.

Sleep is Death: Shannon Galvin's Contributions
"With a nod to Scott McCloud, Shannon Galvin presents an entertaining tutorial about his art style for Jason Rohrer's Sleep is Death. Shannon is currently working as lead 3D artist on Jonathan Blow's upcoming game The Witness."

GameSetWatch: Blueberry Garden Creator Unveils Kometen For iPhone
"Erik Svedäng, winner of the 2009 Independent Games Festival's grand prize for Blueberry Garden, revealed a new project coming soon to iPhone/iPod Touch called Kometen (or Comet)."

Edge Online: How To Make It As An Indie
"We checked in with a range of different designers to get a sense of the emerging independent landscape - and to pick up some advice for anyone who was hoping to navigate it."

Puppyblog: Unfinished things - The Time Pilot / Uridium Project
"Back in June 2008 we started work on a TIme Pilot ‘inspired’ game which was shaping up nicely, though we didn’t get as far as adding the Uridium style ships…"

Basilisk Games: Book II Release Date Announced
"Eschalon: Book II is scheduled for release on May 12th, 2010 for Windows-based computers. The Macintosh and Linux versions will be out on May 26th, 2010."

Cubed3: Team Meat Talks Super Meat Boy on WiiWare
"Cubed3 recently caught up with Ed and Tommy from Team Meat to talk a little more about the game, which is expected in the next couple of months."

Cliffski’s Blog: Make me a banner ad, win a spaceship
"It’s your chance to win my 3D model spaceship of a Gratuitous Space Battles Centurion Cruiser. You can have it if you can design a better banner advert for GSB than I can."