Today's collection of independent game links includes a reminder about the Ludum Dare event this weekend, an article about game development jams, and a fun little golf advergame from Icycle developer Damp Gnat.

Ludum Dare 17: April 23rd to 25th Weekend
"Ludum Dare 17 is scheduled for this weekend. Entrants develop games from scratch in 48 hours, based on a theme suggested by community. The theme for LD17: Islands."

Lazy 8 Studios: Jump-Start Your Indie Career with a Game Jam
"You have a few CS or art classes under your belt and you're serious about getting into the indie game development scene. But what's the next step? Allow me to recommend a game jam."

Big Download: Joe Danger rated for PC by ESRB
"The ESRB web site reveals that Joe Danger has indeed been rated for the PC in addition to the PS3. While it may not be released at the same time as the PS3 version it's looking like Joe Danger will be available to download for our hard drives at some point."

Damp Gnat: Adverputt Game
A casual mini-golf advergame created by Reece Millidge (developer of Icycle), featuring twelve holes to pocket your mini-golf ball into. Once you've completed the entire course, there are an additional five holes to play in Micro Putt too.

Wolfire Games Blog: Don't you... forget about Meebo
"With each successive Meebo post, I imagine people might get more and more skeptical over whether anything useful transpires on the Wolfire live chat. Since people seem to have enjoyed the previous Meebo posts, I humbly submit to you another wave of live chat chaos."