Today's collection of independent game links includes the release of a new paint application by Adam 'Canabalt' Atomic, an article about the newly-formed Tomorrow Corporation, and an interview with the creator of Today I Die and IGF Nuovo finalist Daniel Benmergui. (image source)

TrashPaint: a 5kb art application
"A no-saving, no-undo art application that is only 5kb in size, created by Adam Saltsman."

The Reticule: An Interview with Tomorrow Corporation
"We talk to Kyle Gabler about Tomorrow Corporation, home to three indie developers (Kyle Gray, Kyle Gabler and Allan Blomquist) getting ready to take over the world."

GameSetWatch: Intellectual Asado With Today I Die's Dan Benmergui
"Patrick Dugan catches up with IGF Nuovo finalist and thought-provoking independent game creator Daniel Benmergui, quizzing him about his titles and his thoughts on game creation in today's market."

Casual Connect: Machinarium Postmortem
"Jakub Dvorský shares his experiences with digital distribution and explains why small developers shouldn't work with big casual games portals."

XNA Community Forums: How can I get my XNA GS game on Xbox Live Arcade
With Spelunky, Fez, Limbo, Super Meat Boy and Shank all coming out as XBLA titles this year, it might be useful to review this article for some tips on getting into the Xbox Live Arcade program.

Charlie's Games: Holiday Special Offer
"Here's a special Easter offer that lasts until the 9th of April. For a minimum donation of $1, you can get a copy of both Irukandji AND Bullet Candy Perfect."