Today's collection of independent game links includes some bargains for your consideration, a pair of puzzle game recommendations, and a couple of interviews with indie game developers whose names you might be familiar with. (image source)

Direct2Drive: Spring Sale
Indie games at 50 to 75% off the usual price. The Path, Eufloria and Aaaaa! are all at $4.95 each. Steam had also discounted Frozenbyte's Trine from $20 to $5, with the offer set to expire on April 26th.

PC Gamer Magazine: Captain Forever creator on his ever-changing shooter
"There are already two Captain Forever games, and developer Farbs' is continuing to develop them 'indefinitely'. Not forever, perhaps, but three games in, Farbs isn't nearly done. He wants to turn this simple shooter into a longer-term game 'with a scope similar to Elite'."

Play This Thing: Top Hero
"Top Hero is a small game -- just 8 levels, and likely less than an hour to complete them all. But it's an unusual one, and well conceived for what it is."

DIYgamer: Monday Freeplay - Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard
"Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Hoard is inspired by 'old D&D graph paper maps and classic 8-bit games,' and the combination of the two impresses both graphically and gameplay-wise."

RPG Codex: Interview with Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games
"I have a few more games in the Blackwell series planned, which will take the story to a conclusion and hopefully answer everyone’s questions."

A Hardy Developer's Journal: Interview with mif2000
"Denis Galanin (mif2000) is a prolific independent game developer, cartoonist and animation artist. His current game is Hamlet, a take on that Shakespeare drama even non-readers have heard of."

Deep Silver: Making of The Whispered World (video)
A documentary about the making of The Whispered World, a 2D adventure game by Daedalic and Deep Silver. (source: The Slowdown)