Neo Aquarium (King of Crustacean) is a Virtual On-style versus combat game that features sea creatures fighting each other inside a closed underwater arena of death. The list of weapons at your disposal includes homing projectiles, melee attacks, grabs, short-range explosions, and even remote-controlled detachable limbs that can be commanded to fire at your enemies.

It's worth noting that some of the crustaceans have a slight advantage over the others, although the inclusion of a difficulty setting does balance the game a little bit. To start a battle after selecting your fighter, just swim through the large gate that leads to the combat arena right in front of you.

There are only five types of sea creatures to choose from in the latest playable build available for download, but more can be expected in the near future with at least three empty character slots to fill up with. P.P.A. also has a write-up on how the combat works and execution of attack moves over at his site. Get Neo Aquarium here. (Windows, 46.5MB)