Submissions into this year's IndieCade games festival are now open. Entry into the games festival competition will be open until June 1st, 2010.

Run alongside the IndieCade festival, the competition "invites independent game artists and designers from around the world to submit interactive media of all types". It costs $45 to enter, although all entries received before May 1st will get a discounted entry fee of $35.

On the topic of judges and prizes, the official site has the following to offer: "A diverse jury of industry leaders will select entries for finalists and top prizes at the IndieCade 2010 Festival. All entries for the Festival will also receive consideration for presentation at the other 2010 IndieCade international exhibitions including E3 and IndieCade Europe".

Before you jump into Game Maker to start your winning entry, take a look here for all the eligibility and submission rules. Once your game is ready, you'll also need to create an IndieCade dev account before submitting.