Pixel Legions is a real-time strategy game that features multi-coloured pixels as units, which are automatically generated by your mobile base when it's not under attack by your enemies. Numbers will always win the day, although you can also turn the tide of the battle in your favor by flanking enemy units on either side.

The controls are as simple as they can get, but there is still room for improvement in a couple of key areas. For example, you'll have to move squads one at a time because the game doesn't allow players to select multiple groups. Some maps are too large to fit into one screen, and the scrolling is poor enough to leave players wondering why a zoom option isn't included instead.

Nevertheless the game is still miles better than most browser-based RTS games out there, and the simplicity of it all means that anyone can start playing almost immediately without going through needlessly long tutorial instructions. Pixel Legions can also be played on Newgrounds.