Challenge from Kiyoshi is a 2D platformer that was designed to be extremely unforgiving, with plenty of instant-kill traps more likely to cause frustration than a feeling of amusement. Some puzzles require the player to think out of the box, and there are even a couple of invisible platforms that can only be found by trial and error.

Pressing the X key causes your character to jump, and you can leap even higher if you press the same button while squatting down. Tap the D key to throw a couple of punches and kicks, or use the Tab key to kill yourself and return to the checkpoint at the start of the stage. The space key can be used to pause the game at any time, while pressing the F4 function key switches between full screen and windowed mode.

Challenge from Kiyoshi is a game that will not appeal to casual players, but it does provide the sort of entertainment that fans of difficult platformers will definitely appreciate. Get the English version here. (Windows, 8.44MB)