Subsonic is a 2D stealth game in which you play as a test subject for Subsonic Inc., an organization that deals with the research of high-tech equipment and top secret technology. Each level is populated by guards who will attempt to apprehend you on sight, although they tend to give up the chase easily when you quickly find cover behind a wall or crawl into an air duct for safety.

In most rooms you will be presented with a selection of guns to pick up. The blue gun emits soundwaves that can distract guards, while the red ones are useful for shattering glass. The white-coloured gun can mask the sound from your footsteps, so that players are able to sneak past an unsuspecting guard looking the other way for intruders. The game is divided two parts, a tutorial and a campaign, although there are only six levels to play in the campaign mode. Subsonic was created by a group of four students as part of their sophomore project for DigiPen this year. (Windows, 23.1MB)