UPDATE: Since posting about this bundle, it has come to light that a couple of the developers involved are not fully happy with their games being part of it. The games are being sent out to purchasers, however these developers are not 100% sure that they will be receiving their share of the money.

Hence, both Daniel Kaplan of Ludosity (Bob Came in Pieces) and Ron Tuo (Gravitron 2) have emailed me to state that they are no longer supporting this bundle, and are advising people not to purchase it. They both feel that the situation has not been handled well, and would rather not be a part of it.

Rather than remove this post from IndieGames, I wanted to instead take the time to assure readers that the goings-on regarding the bundle had nothing to do with the developers. Therefore, I'm instead going to link to each game, so you can check them out individually:

Bob Came in Pieces
Kingdom Elemental Tactics
Gravitron 2
Bridge Construction Set

Both Daniel and Ron have also stated that they will supply copies of Bob Came in Pieces and Gravitron 2 to anybody who purchased the bundle and didn't receive their games.

Original post is after the cut.

Original post: How many bundles have we seen in the last few months now? I'm running out of fingers to count them on, but that's not a bad thing, oh no. This latest one features games which are a little more low-key than past bundles, but that most likely works in your favour, since it means you probably don't own many of them!

The six games on offer are: Aztaka, Bob Came in Pieces, Kingdom Elemental Tactics, Gravitron 2, Bridge Construction Set and PutUp. You can set any price between $1 and $100 (why they would put a maximum cap on the pay-out amount is beyond me), and split the cash between the developers and charities as you see fit. Charities include Child's Play, German Children's Cancer Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation and the WWF.

The offer is running for two weeks, so make sure you grab it during this time. It's definitely worth grabbing, if only for the likes of Aztaka and Bob Came in Pieces.