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Archive For May, 2010

Trailer: Capsized (Alientrap Software)

May 25, 2010 5:00 PM | Tim W.

Capsized is a 2D platformer that is currently being developed by Alientrap Software for the Xbox 360 and PC. The video above shows an intro sequence for the game and some gameplay action from the single-player mode. Multiplayer is planned for both platforms, with support for up to four players on either split screen or over Xbox Live networking on Microsoft's gaming console.

Alientrap Software is currently looking for playtesters to try out their alpha build. Information on how to participate in the playtesting can be found on their development blog.

Give-Whatever-You-Want Indie Game Bundle [UPDATED]

May 25, 2010 9:15 AM | Michael Rose


UPDATE: Since posting about this bundle, it has come to light that a couple of the developers involved are not fully happy with their games being part of it. The games are being sent out to purchasers, however these developers are not 100% sure that they will be receiving their share of the money.

Hence, both Daniel Kaplan of Ludosity (Bob Came in Pieces) and Ron Tuo (Gravitron 2) have emailed me to state that they are no longer supporting this bundle, and are advising people not to purchase it. They both feel that the situation has not been handled well, and would rather not be a part of it.

Rather than remove this post from IndieGames, I wanted to instead take the time to assure readers that the goings-on regarding the bundle had nothing to do with the developers. Therefore, I'm instead going to link to each game, so you can check them out individually:

Bob Came in Pieces
Kingdom Elemental Tactics
Gravitron 2
Bridge Construction Set

Both Daniel and Ron have also stated that they will supply copies of Bob Came in Pieces and Gravitron 2 to anybody who purchased the bundle and didn't receive their games.

Original post is after the cut.

Revenge of the Titans Beta Available

May 24, 2010 8:46 PM | Michael Rose

Revenge of the Titans has entered open beta, and is available to download from the Puppy Games site.

It's an RTS-cum-Tower Defence game, with an alien invasion setting. The Titans are attacking Earth, and your job is to place a variety of guns and structures to fend them off.

Along with the beta, the game is now also available for pre-order for half price, making it £10.75 / $14. While it looks fantastic, the final asking price does worry me a little - it will cost $27.72 / £19 eventually, and as we've learnt in the past, a number of indie gamers aren't happy to part with more than $15, let alone double that.

Still, if you check out the beta and enjoy it, the pre-order price is perfectly reasonable. Note that the beta release contains two of the fives levels that'll come with the final version.

Trailer: Planck (Shadegrown Games)

May 24, 2010 4:23 PM | Michael Rose

Planck is an upcoming music-based experiment which looks to play out in a similar fashion to Audiosurf, but with different core elements. Enemies litter your path, and destroying enough of them unlocks a new instrument for the current song.

The game doesn't use your own music - rather, it pieces together a specifically-created soundtrack in a Auditorium-esque manner. You can also jump between sections of the track to mix different sounds and change the music how you see fit.

Looks mighty interesting. No release date or platform set as of yet.

Freeware Game Pick: FiNCK (Nifflas)

May 24, 2010 3:00 PM | Tim W.

In Nifflas' 2D platformer FiNCK (short for Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer), you play an unnamed protagonist who has the ability to pick up blocks and enemies to use for solving puzzles. Heavy blocks are perfect for stacking, while blue blocks can slide through small corridors that you would normally have problems squeezing into. An enemy behavior also determines what kind of ability you would get when you grab one with your bare hands.

Some sections of the game requires you to execute a double jump move as well, which is performed by throwing a block downwards when you are at the apex of your jump. There are five areas to explore in total, with additional challenges presented in the form of coins that you can choose to collect or ignore. Both the game and the level editor are free to download, but it will cost you a small nominal fee ($4) to unlock the custom level support for playing user-created content. Get FiNCK here. (Windows, 31.5MB)

Indie Game Links: Essentially Indie

May 24, 2010 7:00 AM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links includes a roundup of the best XBLIG shooters available, an interview with IGF award winner Andy Schatz (Monaco), plus an all-purpose indie games wiki site that everyone can contribute to. (image source)

xnPlay: The xnPlay Essential Collection
"The xnPlay Essential Collection rounds up the very best of the best into easy to browse categories. All the games featured here come highly recommended and provide the perfect starting point for those new to the service. "

DIYgamer: Day in the Life of IGF Winner Andy Schatz
"I recently had the opportunity to head down to San Diego and spend a day with recent IGF winner Andy Schatz. I didn't know if I'd be looking over his shoulder coding all day or if we'd be hawking copies of his older title Venture Africa to the tourists at the San Diego Wild Animal Park."

GamerBytes: Cletus Clay Must Now Find A Publisher For Xbox Live Arcade
"Cletus Clay, the hillbilly adventure designed entirely in Clay, has now been denied a place on the Xbox Live Arcade unless it finds itself a 3rd party publisher willing to bring it to the platform."

GameSetWatch: How to Play Interactive Fiction Summed Up In A Postcard
"A handy IF-for-beginners postcard that Andrew Plotkin and by Lea Albaugh came up with for the People's Republic of Interactive Fiction Hospitality Suite at PAX-East 2010."

FingerGaming: Kometen Review
"Kometen is a video game about personal reflection; a postmodern Pac-Man in which the act of eating dots serves as the backdrop for the cut scenes."

XBLAFans: An Interview with Klei Entertainment's Jamie Cheng
"An article based around the email interview conducted by XBLAFans with Jamie Cheng, CEO of Klei Entertainment (Shank, pictured)."

Indie Game Wiki: The Independent Games Wiki
"A collaborative website to document everything related to indie games and the indie gaming scene." Raw Audio Interviews with IGF Design Finalists (audio)
"Raw dump of dictaphone interviews with IGF 2010 design category finalists, with a special appearance by Team Meat. Recorded at IGF pavillion, GDC2010."

Bytejacker: Erin Robinson Interview (video)
"Erin Robinson joins us to talk about her new adventure game, Puzzle Bots."

Browser Game Pick: Pixel Legions (Pixelante)

May 23, 2010 6:00 PM | Tim W.

Pixel Legions is a real-time strategy game that features multi-coloured pixels as units, which are automatically generated by your mobile base when it's not under attack by your enemies. Numbers will always win the day, although you can also turn the tide of the battle in your favor by flanking enemy units on either side.

The controls are as simple as they can get, but there is still room for improvement in a couple of key areas. For example, you'll have to move squads one at a time because the game doesn't allow players to select multiple groups. Some maps are too large to fit into one screen, and the scrolling is poor enough to leave players wondering why a zoom option isn't included instead.

Nevertheless the game is still miles better than most browser-based RTS games out there, and the simplicity of it all means that anyone can start playing almost immediately without going through needlessly long tutorial instructions. Pixel Legions can also be played on Newgrounds.

Freeware Game Pick: Blind (block0man)

May 23, 2010 10:00 AM | Tim W.

Blind is a short story-driven game that is divided into two halves, with the first part consisting of walking around and exploring your environment using standard first-person controls. This Game Maker project features no sound at all, although it does have six possible endings to discover. The adventure itself is rather linear save for the story branches, which is explained a bit more in detail in the provided documentation that comes together with the zip file.

You can switch between windowed and full screen mode using the F4 function key. Blind can be downloaded from the YoYo Games website. (Windows, 1.25MB)

Pixel: An Art Documentary

May 22, 2010 10:00 PM | Michael Rose

Simon Cottee (who we last saw creating something wonderful via Sleep is Death) has filmed a short documentary which delves into the world of pixels and pixel art. It features interviews with a number of indie developers, including SiD's Jason Rohrer.

The main argument is that while some developers try to give gamers a sense of nostalgia with their pixel art graphics harking back to games of old, they're actually creating a "warped" version of the past, with clear, blocky images that look far from what we used to play with. It's pretty interesting stuff, and if you've got a spare ten minutes, it's well worth watching.

Sculptris 1.0 Released

May 22, 2010 12:00 PM | Tim W.

DrPetter (creator of sfxr) had just released version 1.0 of Sculptris today, and there's also an accompanying video which demonstrates some of application's features and sample 3D models that other users had made with the sculpting tool.

Anyone can start sculpting models by playing around with the basic features of the application, but it will take a bit of experimentation and reading up to learn how to use Sculptris effectively to create great-looking 3D models. The included documentation file has a detailed rundown on the interface, buttons, and shortcut keys, and you can also head on over to the Sculptris forums to post your questions there or just to showcase your works.

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