Grace's DiaryToday's collection of independent game links includes an article about pixel art, Emily Short's analysis of the freeware visual novel Digital: A Love Story, plus results for the Jennifer Ann's Group's Life. Love. Game Design Challenge Contest. (image source)

Cipher Prime Blog: Fractal is Finally Here
"Fractal is available right now for the super low price of $14.99. The game is PC and Mac download compatible."

Joystiq: ESRB rates Limbo for PS3 and PC
"Assuming the recent ESRB listing is accurate, Playdead's terrifying, striking platformer is also headed to the PlayStation 3 and PC." [UPDATE: The listing now says Xbox 360 only. Curses.]

Jennifer Ann's Group: 2010 Life. Love. Game Design Challenge Contest Winners
"•Congratulations to the winners of our 2010 Game Design Challenge - check out the winning entries here."

Indie Review: Beautiful Escape - Dungeoneer Review
"I've never played a low res game that has gotten me this disturbed before. Dungeoneer is both a clever puzzle game and a psychological thriller paying homage to torture films like Saw and Hostel that should be on everyone's must-play list for this summer."

Hojamaka Games: Mamono Sweeper Huge and Blind Modes
More variations of Manomo Sweeper to play with. The A and D keys can be used to mark tiles now.

Opposable Thumbs: 8-bit heroes, Ars explores the resurgence of pixel art
"Why do many developers, artists, and gamers prefer pixels when more realistic, detailed art styles are available? Ars spoke to some of the field's independent artists and developers to find out."

Gamasutra: Examining Digital - A Love Story
"Digital: A Love Story gives us only the simulated interface of the computer on which the protagonist is working: an object from within the fictional world, captured as accurately as possible while limiting the affordances of that object to what can be done in the game."

Games Dammit: The Rise of Indie
"Independent studios want to make money, but they also want to make games for the sake of making games. This is what the game industry needs; for people outside the mainstream to take video games seriously."