Today's collection of independent game links includes the announcement of a new YoYo Games competition, an interview with the creator of Kingdom of Loathing, and a one-button game recommendation from sister site GameSetWatch.

YoYo Games: Competition06 - Summer Compo
"Following from the success of Competition05, we have decided on a new competition with the theme 'Discovery'. You can do anything around that theme from sailing ships and map making to mad professors, so put your thinking caps on for this one and let the creative juices flow."

DIYgamer: Kingdom of Loathing Interview
"Zack Johnson, the creator of the long-standing indie MMO Kingdom of Loathing, has been chipping away at the same game for over seven years now. I got a chance to talk to Zack about his game recently, just to see where things are these days and what’s next."

In The Games Of Madness: Penumbra Overture goes Open Source
"Penumbra: Overture and the HPL1 Engine are now open source. The HPL1 Engine has powered all of the Penumbra games, and it even includes the stuff used to create the 2D platformer Energetic."

GameSetWatch: Gambler, One-button Minigames In A Ukiyo-e Inspired World
"Gambler is a beautiful little one-button game from Lobo, a name you might recognize from his work on the fabulous Dracula Cha Cha. Unlike that holiday production, this new release was created from original assets, and is designed as a short simulation of traditional Japanese gambling game Cho-Han Bakuchi."

DIYgamer: The Most Unforgiving, Unrelenting, and Refreshing MMO You'll Ever Play
"Faldon is an MMO that is completely open with little to no quests, features unforgiving PVPs, and has zero classes whatsoever."

AquaGeneral: TIGRadio MP3
"A collection of TIGRadio (a weekly live-format radio show for indie game developers) episodes converted to MP3." (older episodes)