Today's collection of independent game links includes some advice on hosting your games for free, results for the Dream.Build.Play 2010 competition, a couple of game recommendations, and thoughts from Wolfire Games about the piracy issue. (image source)

Ludum Dare: Using Google Sites to host a game
"Here is a quick explanation on how to use Google Sites to host your game." We'd recommend Dropbox and Game Jolt for your file hosting needs too.

Wolfire Games: Another view of game piracy
"It's easier for these developers to point their fingers at pirates than to face the real problem: that their games are not fun on PC."

GamerBytes: Lumi Wins Dream.Build.Play 2010
"The other finalists include A.R.E.S, a sweet looking game reminiscent of classic Mega Man and Metroid games, Prismatic Solid -- a nice looking top-down scrolling shooter and finally Beat Hazard -- a music based twin-stick shooter that's already available on both the Xbox Indies and Steam."

Games Aren't Numbers: Every Day the Same Dream Diary
"There are no games quite like Yume Nikki (pictured), at least not that are comparable in their focus and scope."

Kotaku: Where Too Much Tower Defence Is Barely Enough
"In Nicemetal, you have to use your turrets to stop a giant mech from breaching your base. Unfortunately, none of your turrets are manned. What you have to do is click on a turret to send one of your troops to it. Thoroughly recommended."

The A.V. Club: An interview with art-game creator Jason Rohrer
"We spoke with Jason about interactive storytelling, his upcoming games, make-believe, and the politics of the diamond trade."

The 8th Circuit: Exclusive Team Meat Interview on Super Meat Boy
"I spoke to the guys from Team Meat and they had some interesting things to say.."