Today's collection of independent game links includes a roundup of the best XBLIG shooters available, an interview with IGF award winner Andy Schatz (Monaco), plus an all-purpose indie games wiki site that everyone can contribute to. (image source)

xnPlay: The xnPlay Essential Collection
"The xnPlay Essential Collection rounds up the very best of the best into easy to browse categories. All the games featured here come highly recommended and provide the perfect starting point for those new to the service. "

DIYgamer: Day in the Life of IGF Winner Andy Schatz
"I recently had the opportunity to head down to San Diego and spend a day with recent IGF winner Andy Schatz. I didn't know if I'd be looking over his shoulder coding all day or if we'd be hawking copies of his older title Venture Africa to the tourists at the San Diego Wild Animal Park."

GamerBytes: Cletus Clay Must Now Find A Publisher For Xbox Live Arcade
"Cletus Clay, the hillbilly adventure designed entirely in Clay, has now been denied a place on the Xbox Live Arcade unless it finds itself a 3rd party publisher willing to bring it to the platform."

GameSetWatch: How to Play Interactive Fiction Summed Up In A Postcard
"A handy IF-for-beginners postcard that Andrew Plotkin and by Lea Albaugh came up with for the People's Republic of Interactive Fiction Hospitality Suite at PAX-East 2010."

FingerGaming: Kometen Review
"Kometen is a video game about personal reflection; a postmodern Pac-Man in which the act of eating dots serves as the backdrop for the cut scenes."

XBLAFans: An Interview with Klei Entertainment's Jamie Cheng
"An article based around the email interview conducted by XBLAFans with Jamie Cheng, CEO of Klei Entertainment (Shank, pictured)."

Indie Game Wiki: The Independent Games Wiki
"A collaborative website to document everything related to indie games and the indie gaming scene." Raw Audio Interviews with IGF Design Finalists (audio)
"Raw dump of dictaphone interviews with IGF 2010 design category finalists, with a special appearance by Team Meat. Recorded at IGF pavillion, GDC2010."

Bytejacker: Erin Robinson Interview (video)
"Erin Robinson joins us to talk about her new adventure game, Puzzle Bots."