Today's collection of independent game links includes a podcast chat with the developers of Super Meat Boy, a new set of tutorials for Chevy Ray's free ActionScript 3 library, and a tiny bit of update on Zombie Cow's upcoming twin-stick shooter Privates.

FlashPunk: Creating Flash Games in FlashPunk
"A new set of beginner tutorials to help people get started creating Flash games in FlashPunk."

SavyGamer: Privates Not allowed on the Xbox
"Channel 4 wanted a game about sex education, so that’s what we made. We always knew the Xbox version would be touch-and-go, you never know how people are going to react when it’s in review."

GameSetWatch: Indie Chinese RPG Rainblood Released In English
"Three years after its release in China and about half a million downloads from the official site, indie RPG Rainblood: Town of Death is finally available in English."

RoboAwesome: Interview with Team Meat (audio)
"For RoboCast 007 Carl and I sat down with Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes; the diabolical minds behind the upcoming and independently developed Super Meat Boy. We discussed a variety of things, ranging from retro games, how to survive as an independent game maker, diabetes, and the 2010 census."

Infinite Ammo: Marian on CBC Radio (audio)
"Alec Holowka lands an interview on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio. You can listen to the recording here."

Game Design Scrapbook: Kernel Panic Podcast
"I have teamed up with a developer from Cologne to bring TRAUMA to the iPad. He is currently working on a first prototype."

post-hype: VVVVVV's Lesson
"There's a sequence in VVVVVV that deserves to be famous. Everyone who plays the game will remember it. It's the titular sequence of rooms called Veni, Vidi, Vici!, and in it you learn how to play games again."