Today's collection of independent game links includes a collection of tips on selling your indie games from a shareware veteran, rapid development advices and a shortlist of rapid prototyping events, plus a new interview with Dwarf Fortress creator Tarn Adams. (image source)

Tips For Getting Started In the Indie Gaming Biz
"A lot of this advice is helpful to anyone trying to start their own business, software or otherwise. My focus will be on software, especially games."

Wolfire Games Blog: How to make interesting games by accident
"if you want to make interesting games, you should have a go at rapid development and rapid prototyping events."

Basilisk Games: Eschalon: Book II For Windows Now Available
"Basilisk Games will release the Macintosh and Linux versions of the game on May 26th, 2010."

The Shank Blog: God of War writer pens Shank
"Acclaimed writer Marianne Krawczyk will be writing the story for the striking 2D action brawler Shank. Krawczyk is best known for her BAFTA award-winning work on the God of War franchise and was named by Gamasutra as one of the top 20 game writers in the industry."

HASTAC: An Interview with Tarn Adams, Creator of Dwarf Fortress
"Dwarf Fortress is only 30% finished and isn't being developed by a major entertainment software company, and yet it's surprisingly popular."

DroneLike: An office themed roguelike
"It's an office themed roguelike game where you're a lowly engineer fighting your way through hords of marketers, executives and security guards. The goal of DroneLike is to advance through each floor ‘firing’ as many employees as you can (by defeating them), until you reach your way to the top floor and defeat the Big Cheese." The Indie Game Doctor
"Your indie games. I will fix them. Ask me how to fix them. I am indie game guru and I can help you make indie game better. All solution applied."