Today's collection of independent game links includes an article about Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion, plans for an iPhone port of Pixeljam Games' Dino Run, and an account of the costs involved in setting up a show booth by Shoot 1UP developer Nathan Fouts. (image source)

Game Tycoon: Trials and Tribulations of Summer
"Summer of Arcade will have to change or, at very least, cease to be Microsoft's ultimate promotion for the XBLA service."

GameSetWatch: Dino Run Dashing To iPhone
"Dino Run is headed to the iPhone, thanks to PixelJAM Games and Spiralstorm Games (Flyloop)."

Gamasutra: The Challenges of Exhibiting At PAX
"Nathan Fouts writes a detailed report about his experiences promoting his Xbox Indie Games titles Shoot 1UP (pictured) and Grapple Buggy at PAX East, with a detailed breakdown of costs and caveats."

Unity Technologies Blog: Interview with Muse Games
"I'm not sure why so many people choose to clone games they've seen countless times before. Don't sell yourself short. If you only had one chance to make a game ever, even if its just in your spare time, what game would you make? Make that game. That will go miles further than any marketing you can do."

Indie Game Magazine: Issue 10 is on Sale, Featuring the IGF and Puzzlebots
"The best games are shown at the Indie Game Festival every year, so we take a look at some of the best past winners and some of the new entries. We review Machinarium, Osmos, Saira, and more."

Nifflas' Support Forum: Games in Development
"FiNCK will now be free (kind of), which means that the main FiNCK world is free and only custom level support is an add-on that can be purchased. Before FiNCK is released in one week, I'm going to have an open testing phase."