Well this seems a little premature, but I'm sure no-one will complain! Jason Rohrer's two-player story-telling game Sleep Is Death is now available for whatever price you want to pay for it.

Simply head over to and enter your cash amount into the box. There's a minimum price of $1.75, but it's worth way more than that anyway.

I'm being a little speculative here, but this would suggest that SiD didn't sell all that well after the initial release - which begs the question, why not? The game received glowing reviews from a variety of sites and magazines - including a 90% from PC Gamer UK.

[EDIT: Sister site GameSetWatch notes that "The game has already sold some 4,000 copies as of April 30th -- 2,600 of which were $9 preorders and the remaining priced at $14 apiece, making the developer $43,000 so far. While that's only a fraction of what most major titles sell/make, Rohrer said he's pleased with those numbers, as he keeps all the profit instead of receiving just a cut." It's up to you if you consider this 'selling well'.]

Did you grab a copy when it was full price? Let me know in the comments what attracted you/put you off trying it out.

Source: SavyGamer