After the Humble Indie Bundle topped the incredible heights of $1million total sales, the developers involved announced they'd be releasing the source for their games (after a quick code clean-up, of course!). Wolfire's Lugaru went first, followed by Penumbra: Overture. Gish's source was burst open a few days ago.

Now Aquaria has followed suit, rounding it all off. Alec Holowka, part of the Bit Blot team behind Aquaria, has given his thoughts on the release over on the Infinite Ammo site:

"Releasing code is hard for me. It's always imperfect (or in my case, mostly a mess) and it feels extremely personal. Especially with Aquaria - a game that involved a lot of stress and heartbreak over the course of its development. (a significant portion of the code was written while under the influence of Canadian Club Whisky)"

Check it out, it's worth a read. And if you are so inclined, make sure to download the source too!