A few days, increpare went on a bit of a games blitz and uploaded nine games for your playing consumption. You can check out all nine here, but the one I found most interesting is Constellation Z.

With an incredibly simple interface, your task is to fill the blue blocks with pink blocks on each level. However, you're not allowed to have any pink blocks left over, hanging around in space by themselves. After a quick few intro levels to show what's going on, it then gets stupidly difficult. Step your pink blocks into a white teleporter and random things will happen, like new blocks spawning, blocks changing position or simply disappearing entirely.

Filling those blue exit points becomes very challenging. The aspect that attracts me to the game the most is that I spent my entire play with a underlying suspicious that it really wasn't that difficult at all, and it was just a simple case of stepping back and really thinking about what I was doing.

Either way, it's simple and interesting stuff. Give it a go.