DotWar is a Twitter-based battler which pits your avatar against your friends. Simply enter two names and watch their respectives profile pictures turn into lots of little soldiers and storm each other.

There are crystals on each side of the playing field, and if your guys manage to destroy all three of your opponent's crystals, you win. The default mode is set to automatic, so you don't need to do anything other than sit back and watch. You can, however, set the game to manual and tactically drag to tell your troops where to run and attack.

It's pretty interesting to experiment with, as different avatars will produce different troops. For example, my picture causes half of my soldiers to surge forward straight into the fray, while the other half back away and guard the crystals. Other avatars, however, will spread themselves out and create a barricade, wait for an opening then attack. It appears that a stationary soldier has more chance of winning a fight, but obviously the downside is that they're not damaging the crystals.

There's also a single-player campaign in which you battle random friends and level up. Definitely worth giving a try if you're a Twitter freak like me.