Norapoly is an interesting take on the popular Monopoly board game, in which two or more players upgrade their onscreen characters by buying up the different types of houses on the map. Each avatar has four attributes that they can level up, ranging from health, attack, defence, and movement points. Combat ensues when you move into a square that is occupied by another player, and damage is calculated by counting the number of swords that you have minus your opponent's shield count. A winner is declared for the current map when all other players have been defeated in battle.

Every player starts out with a thousand points to spend on asset purchases, and they can earn more credits by passing through the other three squares with coloured suits on the map. Once all four suits in your character stats section are lit up, returning to your starting point rewards you with more credits to use.

If you have enough points to spend, you can even buy over your opponent's property. Since upgrades are directly tied to the types of building that you own, losing a property will cause one of your stats to fall as well. The cost of each building will be shown in white if you have the means to purchase it, and property transactions take place automatically even when your intentions are just to pass through a part of the map.

There are only five levels to play in Norapoly.