Transformice! is a hectic online multiplayer game which is part co-op, part everyone go ballistic. On each level there is a piece of cheese and a mouse hole, and the idea is to run and grab the cheese, then take it back to the hole.

On the majority of levels either the cheese or the hole will be out of reach, so it's up to the Shaman mouse to create platforms and air bursts to help all the mice reach their goal. While all participants are really meant to be working as a team to help each other to the finish, score is awarded based on the order in which the mice reach the goal - hence, it becomes a messy scramble to climb over the heads of your supposed mousey friends and make it before they do.

The Shaman mouse is randomly chosen at the start of each level, and is awarded points based on how many mice reach the end. Controlling the Shaman initially feels quite complex, and it doesn't help that there is no practice mode for trying out each of the powers. Transformice is only at version 0.24 right now, however, so hopefully that will be added at a later date.

Give it a try, but be warned - since this is an online game, expect to receive lots of abuse in the chat box every time you're selected to be the Shaman.