Still the best freeware roguelike to be released this year, Rodain Joubert's Desktop Dungeons has been updated with a spanking new user interface, a more legible font, a tutorial section for new players, and an unlockable campaign mode called 'The Siege of Lothlorien'. Two other changes also made it into this version, the first one being the inclusion of Derek Yu's pixel art as the default tileset for Desktop Dungeons.

The other major modification was made to the religion system, where you can now earn piety points by increasing the level of your character or completing the task assigned by your chosen god (for example, killing or petrifying individual enemies). The piety points acquired can then be traded for upgrades or bonuses at the temple. This makes the previous worship system (and all of the data about Gods in the Desktop Dungeons wiki) obsolete, but it won't take long for contributors to update the database with new information once they have spent some time playing the latest release.