Adam Robezzoli, of the Los Angeles game culture shop Attract Mode, met with several indie game designers during last week's E3 Expo for a brief series of video interviews. Among them, Jenova Chen of ThatGameCompany has just announced Journey, his third title for the PS3's Playstation Network. The game is intended to encourage unique interactions between participants, enabled by online play taking place in a vast and mysterious desert locale.

For the video discussion, Chen shares thoughts regarding music scores in games, informed by his previous collaborations with Austin Wintory on the soundtrack for FlOw and Vincent Diamante on the interactive score for Flower. Related video content from the Game Developers Conference, where sound designer Steve Johnson spoke on his role on ThatGameCompany audio design, can be found on Vimeo under the title Sound and Music as Narrative in Flower.

[Other videos in this series can be found at Attract Mode. Camera and editing by Nobuooo. Photo by Jeriaska.]