The Playstation Network is the new place to be for indies, it would appear! Rudolf and Alex of Eufloria today announced that strategy bloomer Eufloria is coming to PSN early next year.

Along with the original PC game features, the PSN edition will include graphical improvements, gameplay changes, interface improvements, and new content. Brian Grainger will also be providing some brand new tracks to add to the ambient atmosphere.

I've noticed a good number of indie developers broadcasting their despair at the Xbox Live service via Twitter over the last few months, choosing instead to look into releasing their games via Playstation's service - the Cletus Clay devs even commented that "PS3 seems to be rather more indie friendly these days." The tides are a-changin', perhaps?

Either way, Eufloria will be a very welcome addition to the PSN store. Check out our PC review for what to expect.