Hero! Defeat the Devil! is a puzzle game that plays rather similarly to Hojamaka's Mamono Sweeper, where the noble knight has to defeat lower-level enemies first and gain enough battle experience before taking on the stage boss. A chart on the right side of the screen shows the amount of experience points that you can gain from defeating different types of enemies, while the counter placed next to your hero icon keeps track of your character's current level.

A tombstone will take over the place of an enemy which you slay in combat, and when you step off this tile the grave will act as an obstacle that prevents you from walking over it. The challenge here is to figure out a way to defeat all enemies on the map without boxing yourself into an inescapable route, but if that happens you can always reset the puzzle by pressing the space key. Note that the reset feature will only work when your hero is facing one of the graves on screen.

There are nine levels to play in total. To download the game, just click on the animated red arrow icon (pointing downwards at a disk drive) here, then click on the link underneath the red text in Japanese on the next page. (Windows, 1.56MB)