NeonPlat 2 is an update to the score-based arcade platformer released by Jayenkai last year, featuring a new co-operative mode that supports up to four players simultaneously on the same system. The graphics have been overhauled as well, and there are minor tweaks and additions that improves the game in some areas but had made it more confusing than before for others.

One example would be the enemy that could only be stomped on, as the balls that you collect and throw at it would cause the critter no harm at all. It is also hard to tell when your character can do a double or multiple jumps in the air, and the white floor tiles that you have to colour to progress to the next level is frequently hidden behind the multi-coloured neon lines.

The game is fun when you can get a bunch of friends to play together, although the lack of clear instructions and proper gameplay balancing issues might deter many from giving NeonPlat 2 a good try. (Mac/Win/Linux, 3.92MB)