Today's collection of independent game links includes announcements of a couple of indie game showcase events, news from Nicalis (Cave Story WiiWare) and Remar Games (Iji, Hero Core), plus the usual updates on your favorite indie games and developers. (image source) Nicalis Hints At More Games From Cave Story Creator
"A new blog post from Nicalis suggests that the publisher may have ports planned for a couple more of Pixel's games."

Boing Boing: Japan's first and best indie darling, Cave Story
"Cave Story is what all the best indie creations were and are: a shining example of an auteur-driven work -- a game that could have come from no one but Amaya himself, and managed to retain its coherent vision undiluted by outside interference."

Ludosity Interactive: Ludosity and Remar Games
"Ludosity Interactive has teamed up with Daniel Remar of Iji and Hero Core fame, to bring Garden Gnome Carnage to new platforms, starting with Flash."

Steam News: Eversion Released
"The high-definition version of indie fan favorite Eversion, now with Steam support. Purchase between now through June 14th to receive a 10% discount."

VVVVVV Wiki: Welcome Aboard
A Wiki all about Terry Cavanagh's retro puzzle platformer game VVVVVV.

GameSetWatch: Hot Ninja Moon Moon Remake Features New Graphics, Meat
"Almost two years after the original release of Game Maker platformer Hot Ninja Moon Moon by AcidBatterie, indie designer David Scatliffe has remade the title as online Flash game with double the levels and a soundtrack by Magnus 'Souleye' Pålsson (VVVVVV)."

GameSetWatch: Messhoff, Interpol Help Kick Off The Creators Project
"The Creators Project event series kicks off in just a couple weeks at New York City's Milk Studios. Highlights from the upcoming launch event include indie game designer Mark "messhof" Essen showing off Jetpack Basketball, Patrick Jean presenting his popular short film Pixels, and more."

Gamasutra: Fantastic Fest Spawns Indie Gaming Festival
"Annual genre film festival Fantastic Fest announced Fantastic Arcade, a spin-off dedicated to showcasing new games from independent developers and publishers, at Austin's Highball and famous Alamo Drafthouse theater."