Today's collection of independent game links includes opinions about Activision's Independent Games Competition,'s interviews with IGF finalists, plus the announcement of a new game in production from Cortex Command developer Data Realms. (image source)

Tom Buscaglia, The Game Attorney: Some Thoughts on the Activision Indie Game Contest
"The Activision Contest rules are less onerous than many have portrayed them to be, but they are also extremely limiting in many ways that make submitting problematic for any developer looking to get a start in the industry."

DIYgamer: Activision's Indie Game Contest Legalese Deciphered
"The beauty of most modern indie games competitions is that anybody can submit a game so long as it’s playable. It doesn’t matter if its been released to the public or not. With Activision they are clearly looking for game design documentation."

GameTrailers: Tommy Refenes Interview (video)
"Tommy Refenes of Team Meat explains the peculiar story and mechanics details behind Super Meat Boy."

Vertigo Games: The Oil Blue is now available
"The Oil Blue is now ready to download. When you buy The Oil Blue on June 22nd through August 31st, you’ll get greenTech+ absolutely free with the game." Interview with Jamie Cheng
"We talk to Jamie Cheng, co-creator of the IGF finalist game Shank, nominated for Excellence in Visual Art." Interview with Rob Jagnow, developer of Cogs
"I have several projects that I'd love to tackle, all very different from Cogs (and all secret for the time being). Hopefully you'll be hearing more from Lazy 8 in the future."

Data Realms: Announcing the Cave Vehicle Engine
"After six months of development, it’s about time we pull the covers off the next big project Data Realms is working on: a vehicular exploration/combat game where you can jump in and out of your ride, then run it into the ground until you find another one to replace it."