Today's collection of independent game links includes a handful of E3-related articles and announcements, a video interview with Flywrench creator Mark Essen, and a lengthy podcast chat with the president of Dejobaan Games Ichiro Lambe. (image source)

The Creators Project: Mark Essen (video)
"The Creators Project is a global initiative that seeks to bring together the world’s leading and most relevant innovators in music, art, film, design and architecture. In this short feature, VICE sits down with Mark Essen in his studio, dukes it out over joysticks, and discusses the concepts behind his work."

Develop: Independents' Day (pdf, page 24)
"Rogue tiny teams are all the rage - and the indie scene is exploding in the UK. We talk to a handful of them to find out what's inspiring them to go it alone."

GameSetWatch: Sword & Sworcery Looks Even Better On An iPad
"Nathan Vella walks us through the initial exploration and combat portions of Sword & Sworcery, and also shows off the menu system for accessing/sharing background info and lore. Capy doesn't expect to finish developing and polishing Sword & Sworcery for a few months."

GameCrashers Radio: A reckless disregard for E3 (audio podcast)
"We’ve called upon President and Founder of Dejobaan Games, Ichiro Lambe, to come in and share his thought on the importance of E3, and how it’s both good and bad for indie developers."

Locomalito: The 'Making of Hydorah'
"The 'Making of Hydorah' document is now uploaded. You can find out how a homebrew free indie shmup is developed."

Big Download: The first official interview with Frozenbyte on Trine 2
"We are working on another project in addition to Trine 2 and it will be a completely different experience. You will be surprised."

ACE Team: Rock of Ages... where did it come from
"A brief insight about how we came up with Rock of Ages, which was referred to as 'Boulder' when we started working on the concept."